I’ve recently been playing with Stanford’s EventHeap and IStuff package for some of the work we are doing here.  I am a little to spent to go into a lot of details, but the first task I tackled was trying to write some wrappers to make it easier to work with EventHeap using mDNS.  This was far harder than I thought it would be.  I kept running into a problem where I would get a serviceAdded event, but the event would not have enough information for me to actually connect to the service.

I am using the jmdns.jar package: http://jmdns.sourceforge.net/

Here is the scenario I was trying to address:

  1. Server registers it’s self using mdns using service _eheap.
  2. Sometime after this, a client application listens for services on _eheap.
  3. Client connects to server.

Unfortunately when I worked in this order I ran into the problem that the event object that mdns passes to serviceAdded did not have enough information to make a connect to the remote host.

I didn’t see any good example of how to do this.  I am sure I am probably doing something wrong.

If I did everything in this order it worked fine:

  1. A client application listens for services on _eheap.
  2. Server registers it’s self using mdns using service _eheap.
  3. Client connects to server.

However, for my purposes, I absolutely need the server to be able to start before the clients that are listening for that service.

I also just wanted to be able to write very simple code to lookup a device using mdns.  I.e. I wanted to be able to write small quick scripts, that were not event driven to connect to a service advertising itself on mDNS.

After tracing through the jmDNS code I found out that the objects actually had all the information I was trying to get, but were not providing an easy interface to it.  (There may be easier interfaces, but there is literally no documentation on jmdns that I could find)

To this end I have written a very simple Jython wrapper for mDNS which provides a few VERY simple interfaces to mDNS / ZeroConf/ Avahi / Bonjour, with the specific goal to provide authors writing very simple scripts, methods to connect to a service that is advertising itself using mDNS.

I have posted this Jython file at: http://umich.edu/~bcx/contrib/jymdns.py

DISCLAIMER: This is the first application I have ever written in Jython, and I have only been playing with mDNS for about 2 days.  Thus, this may be completely wasted effort; however, it seems to work well for my purposes.

The interface:

jymdns.py 0.1

    Ben Congleton, bcx@umich.edu

    Jymdns is a simple jython interface to the mdns library.



  I could not for the life of me figure out how to use the JAVA mdns library, when I was trying
  to listen for hosts that were created before the mdns listener.  There is probably a way around this.

  This is really just a hack to use the local mDNS cache to find out information about services that
  are not responding to the event.getInfo() command.  With a few nice interfaces for writing really
  quick scripts in jython that need a simple way of finding a host on a network.


    from jymdns import SimplemDNS

    simp = SimplemDNS("_eheap")
    simp.register("foo33", 1234)

    # do all the real stuff

    simp.stop()   # stop the mDNS broadcaster

  FINDING A MDNS HOST for a service (ignoring the name):

    from jymdns import SimplemDNS
    res = SimplemDNS.get_service("_eheap")

      (host, port) = res


    from jymdns import SimplemDNS
    res = simp.wait_for(None)

      (host, port) = res


    java -jar jython.jar jymdns.py