Error: ./port: selfupdate failed: couldn't open "/opt/local/var/db/
dports/sources/ _dpupdate1/base/config/
dp_version": no such file or directory

I wanted to install something using ports today, and ran into the above problem.  Apparently when I updated /opt/local/etc/ports/ports.conf with the correct rsync location I left a trailing space.  At least one other person on the internet ran into this problem as well.  Well, if you are getting the above error, edit your ports.conf, and make sure you don’t have an extra space at the end of the configuration directive that set’s macports as the new darwin port source.

A few other Darwinport hints.  To update your port files run “port selfupdate” if that fails try, “port -d selfupdate”, which apparently tries a little harder by working from scratch.