Many universities have webproxies that let students and faculty members access restricted pages remotely. For me this mostly falls under ACM’s webportal. For the longest time I have manually typed in “” for each URL that I have this problem with. But TODAY I solved this problem for good with JavaScript. Unfortunately I cannot add the bookmarklet directly to wordpress because they filter javascript. But. If you too want to copy this trick, create a bookmark with the following URL:

javascript:function a(){var parts = document.location.toString().split(“\/“); var url=parts[0] + “\/\/“ + parts[2] + ““ + “\/“;parts.shift();parts.shift();parts.shift(); url += parts.join(“/“); document.location=url; }a()

Name the bookmark “Access with webproxy”, and drop it into your “Navigation toolbar”, now when you are on a webpage that you would normally need to use the proxy for just click the newly created bookmark.