YourNews is an attempt to address the question “why is it easier to initiate interaction with strangers online than it is offline?”. Specifically, how do we encourage the development of relationships between two people situated in the same place, but with no reason to interact?

YourNews combines the RSS feeds of registered users and generates a NewsMap. The goal is to produce a common object generated from otherwise latent “attributes” of the people near a display. The hope is that the object (i.e. NewsMap) will highlight areas of common ground on which the individuals can begin to interact with each other.


Bluetooth, coolApps framework

Research Goal

The main question of interest is looking at whether people can discover and develop relationships with other people with whom they may share interests by presenting them both with an object that originates from their personal interests.

Educational Goal

Learning about the use of public displays and other such shared interfaces for initiating interaction between strangers.


      Working module