AttentionMeter can be used in conjunction with bluetooth detection modules to control the types and scope of information that is displayed. For example, bluetooth detection can tell the system how many people are in the room/area, but the range of bluetooth is too far us to tell how many people are actually in a position to read text show on the public display. Even if we dampen bluetooth signal strengths to lower the detection radius, mere presence does not convey level of interaction with the display. For example, a person can be standing very close to the device, but with his back towards the display. AttentionMeter along with bluetooth dampening strategies can be combined to identify when it is appropriate for the display to show individually-relevant information.

One possible scenario (with numbers completely made up):

Mouly is within the 3-ft radius of the bluetooth detection device, and AttentionMeter spits out an attention level of 7 (and maybe only 1 detected face), which the system infers to mean that he is also interacting with the display. Then, the system displays ThankYous that have been sent to him recently, or reminders of upcoming deadlines and events. Hung walks up to the display, AttentionMeter detects another face, and Mouly’s notes fade out.

When the two leave the radius, the screen goes back to displaying MichiPoster, or Keepin busting some funky moves.

Technology Used:

Bluetooth, AttentionMeter, whatever other cool modules we make.

Research Goal(s):

  1. What is the threshold distance and attention level that individuals can consider a public display to be a personal information kiosk?
  2. How the heck can we effectively dampen bluetooth signals?

Educational Goal:

  • learn Ruby
  • create coherent project specifications
  • explore transitions from public to private (and vice versa) information needs/uses when individuals use an interactive public display


  1. Description of the module
  2. Documentation and code for the proposed module
  3. Testing strategies (and implement them, if enough time)